Market Stats Reports

There’s no better tool for communicating local, area-level, trends in the housing market than our Market Stats Reports

Easy to Read and Informative

These reports encompass a modern design and include a broad assortment of key housing market statistics and easy-to-understand graphs and tables. Each report contains a neighborhood level breakdown of sales, active listings, and price activity for each property type (detached, attached, condo) in that particular area. The reports also summarize recent activity by price point within the community.

Market Stats Reports

FREE and Delivered Monthly

Each month, we will email you the report for the area in which your home is located providing that you sign up for such correspondence. Reports for Vancouver East and West will be available for you on this website as well, but we can easily provide a report for a different area of your choice like Burnaby, North Vancouver etc.

FREE Market Stats Reports

If interested in receiving specific report for your neighborhood please sign up below and you will receive FREE monthly report in your email each month.

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